Press release 09/09/2021

18 academics from all of Stockholm’s higher education institutions on-stage together for the first time

Stockholm Explorative Talks

For the first time ever, academics from all 18 universities in Stockholm will come together on the same stage. On the 23rd of September, Stockholm Explorative Talks will take place at the Royal Hall at KMH, Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

The 18 academics have not prepared in advance. They do not know what subjects are going to be discussed or who they are going to share the stage with.

The aim of the event is to discuss future global challenges from new perspectives that extend past the traditional academic boundaries.

“We want to show the fantastic versatility that exists within academia in Stockholm and underline the crucial role that academics play in finding solutions for global challenges,” says Maria Fogelström Kylberg, CEO of Stockholms Akademiska Forum – the organization behind the Stockholm Explorative Talks initiative.

Stockholm Explorative Talks has been arranged on-stage twice before, as a collaboration with the Nobel Center and a part of the official Nobel Calling program. However, this is the first time where all the universities in Stockholm are represented.

“It’s in the spontaneous meeting between academics from different disciplines that interesting discussions arise. The idea behind Stockholm Explorative Talks is that academics have a lot to contribute, also outside of their field of expertise. The global challenges that we face today are cross-boundary, which is why we need cross-boundary solutions,” says Maria Fogelström Kylberg.

The event is divided into two sessions with nine academics per session. The discussion will be led by Elisabeth Ericson and Gustav Borgefalk, and will be live-streamed.


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