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Staf Analytics compiles and presents facts about academic Stockholm. We observe changes and trends that are important for Stockholm as an academic region. Staf Analytics reports are regularly made available for download.

Key figures universities in Stockholm

The academy plays a vital part in the development of Stockholm and has a decisive role in the prospering and welfare of society. The academy is also an industry employing more than 21.000 people, has an annual turnover of 23 billion SEK and is currently educating almost 110.000 students at bachelor, master and doctoral level.

Students and employees

In Stockholm there are 18 universities attracting a total number of almost 110.000 students. About 104.500 study at bachelor or master level, and 5.100 at doctoral level. In total, 21.000 people are employed at the higher education institutions. Around 10.100 belongs to the research and teaching staff and of them 1.750 are full professors.

Doctoral students
Research and teaching staff


Gender equality is something we aspire to in Stockholm. We are proud that 10 out of 18 vice-chancellors are women. Stockholm Academia gender equality figures concerning doctoral students and employees are showing fairly equal distribution. A figure that is lagging behind is the gender distribution among professors, but it’s getting better each year. Please click the graphics to see all figures.


3 glada studenter i biblioteket

Report | 25 Mar 2020

Report: Study Destination Stockholm: International Student Mobility in Stockholm 2018–2019

  • Almost 10,000 international students
  • Majority of students come from China, Germany, and Finland
  • Indian students increase by 26%
  • Fewer outgoing students choose Great Britain
  • Outgoing Exchange Students Decreas

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