Stockholm is a city that thrives on integrity, innovation, and intellect. It is a magnet for ideas, open minds, and researchers from all over the world. Stockholm embodies the conviction that society as a whole will benefit from more reflection, collaboration, and ideas. Stockholm is a State of Minds.

For centuries, the Academia has cultivated knowledge. It has developed methods to share knowledge, think across boundaries, and advance new approaches to address the changes humanity has faced and continues to face. Knowledge plays a crucial role in the development and welfare of a society. Stockholm’s values makes it both unique and attractive, nationally and internationally.

Compared to other cities, Stockholm ranks high in creativity, cutting-edge innovation, economic stability, equality, sustainability, social climate, and level of education. Here you will find 18 universities, a highly-educated population, national and international companies with a high degree of innovation, a variety of incubators, as well as first-class research infrastructures.

The spirit of academia in Stockholm

The Swedish academic apparatus recognizes the cruciality of inter-institution collaboration and interdisciplinary research. To realize this vision, the City of Stockholm and its 18 universities and higher education institutes formed Stockholms Akademiska Forum in 1997 as their peak collaborative body and collective voice.

A world leader in creativity and innovation

Stockholm has long become a breeding ground for start-ups and unicorns with unique offerings to the world, the per capita output of which almost rivals that of the Silicon Valley – Spotify, Skype, King, Klarna, Mojang, Zettle, VOI, Evolution Gaming, Epidemic Sound – the list goes on and on.

Stockholm’s ever-evolving academic ecosystem drives this growth.

Since the 18th century, an emphasis on education’s formative role as a cohesive, socializing force has captured the popular imagination in Sweden. This mindset accentuated the constructive, tangible role that the academy plays in the society—a leitmotif of Swedish academia, and the core of Stockholm’s booming creativity and innovation.

Welcome to Stockholm!

We are eager to leverage Stockholm’s unique academic history, vision, and ecosystem to catalyze this new platform uniting global academia. As we embark on this new adventure, we look forward to your participation and support. Ideas are today’s currency – and we believe that ideas and their realization have the power to change the world. Join us in this new journey, and together let’s work towards a better tomorrow!

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