What we do

Stockholm Dual Career Network

Stockholm Dual Career Network

Stockholm Dual Career Network (SDCN) offers career development and social networking to expat partners in Stockholm. SDCN supports its members to settle in Stockholm, search for jobs in the Swedish market, explore the Swedish culture, and broaden their social and professional networks. SDCN welcomes partners of employees of the network’s affiliated organizations.

Stockholm Explorative Talks

Stockholm Explorative Talks

Stockholm Explorative Talks is a meeting place for academic discussions confronting global problems with an interdisciplinary approach, by pairing unlikely academics together. We welcome experts from all over the world for a dialogue best describes as dedicated, courageous and surprising. The aim is to gather the world’s brightest brains to examine current issues from new angles, and to find creative solutions to common future challenges.



Staf operates the website studyinstockholm.se. The site portrays academia in Stockholm and targets international students. The page also provides information on Stockholm’s 18 universities and university colleges and profiles Stockholm as an academic destination.

Stockholms akademi välkomnade internationella studenter på Arlanda

Stockholm Student Arrival Service

Staf offers a welcome service at Arlanda Airport at the start of each term. The first impression of Stockholm and Sweden means a lot to international students and to how they look upon their studies. In order to make new international students feel welcome in Stockholm, Staf arranges this service together with the city’s higher education institutions.

Kampanj på Arlanda terminal 5

Arlanda Campaign

Every year around 5,000 new international students come to Stockholm along with a large number of international researchers. Daily, 40,000 people go through Terminal 5. Staf actively promotes Stockholm’s academia to the national and international public with their welcome message, ”Welcome Students and Researchers”, at Arlanda, well visible among other advertisements. The advertising campaign is part of profiling Stockholm as an international academic destination.

Mottagning i Stockholms stadshus

City Hall Receptions

Aligning with the start of each term, Staf invites 500 international students to Stockholm City Hall for a ceremonial welcome. Staf coordinates the town hall reception together with the university institutions and the City of Stockholm.

At the end of the year, Staf also invites international researchers with their partners to Stockholm City Hall to welcome them to the city. The event is hosted by the City of Stockholm and coordinated by Staf in collaboration with the academic institutions.


Staf Analytics

Staf analyses, compiles, and presents knowledge on the importance of academia in Stockholm. This is performed by monitoring reports, analyses, and news from individual universities and the national and international higher education sector.

Another important part of Staf Analytics is to compile statistics about Stockholm’s higher education institutions in order to offer a complete picture of Stockholm as an academic region. The summaries provided are the basis for reports, presentations, and decisions.

Staf Small Talks föreläsning

Staf Talks/Staf Small Talks

Staf Talks are interdisciplinary and committed discussions where the academy touches upon crucial issues for Stockholm’s progressive development. Staf Talks invite experts from Stockholm’s higher education institutions, international guests, and other specialists for dedicated and open dialogues.

Staf Small Talks are meetings and discussions that deal with common questions regarding Stockholm’s higher education institutions. At Staf Small Talks, Staf Analytics presents also new reports.