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Stockholms Akademiska Forum
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A picture of Maria Fogelström Kylberg

Maria Fogelström Kylberg

Phone: +46 8-674 77 56
Mobile: +46 73-461 25 31
Email: [email protected]

Maria is the CEO at Stockholm Academic Forum. Prior to that, she was head of the Central Sweden Regional Representative Office in Brussels for 11 years. She has also been acting president of the French Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm. She has mainly worked with organizational development, strategic communication, public affairs and public relations. She is also active in several boards. She has her academic background in musicology, political science and history of religions at Stockholm University. She also has a degree in Journalism and has studied at the Catholic Institute in Paris.

A picture of Brita Lundström

Brita Lundström

Senior Analyst
Phone: +46 8-674 77 70
Mobile: +46 73-270 43 58
Email: [email protected]

Brita is Senior Analyst and works with world-wide surveillance and the compilation of reports and statistics. She has a PhD in History of Technology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. She has also been a guest researcher at Copenhagen Business School. Her undergraduate studies was at Stockholm University in Human Geography.

A picture of Brita Lundström

Marie Renard

Project Assistant
Phone: +46 8-674 74 74
Mobile: +46 70-185 90 94
Email: [email protected]

Marie is a project assistant at the Stockholms Akademiska Forum. She works mainly with the Stockholm Dual Career Network. She has personal experience from several countries and has lived in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the USA, and Sweden. Marie’s academic and professional background is in communication, social sciences, theology and religious sciences. She has studied at the Catholic University of the West in France, and Catholic University of Louvain and Saint-Louis University in Belgium.

A picture of Brita Lundström

Philip Rohrer Jr.

Project Manager Outreach
Phone: +46 8-674 77 73
Mobile: +46 70-443 96 93
Email: [email protected]

Philip is Project Manager Outreach, working to connect with people and organizations in Stockholm and across the globe. His experience includes roles in the private sector, higher education, and non-profits, spanning the US, Sweden, and Estonia. Philip’s academic background is in communication, entrepreneurship, and theology and has studied at Wake Forest University and the Stockholm School of Economics.

A picture of Martin Sahlin

Martin Sahlin

Project Manager
Phone: +46 8-674 77 37
Mobile: +46 73-270 43 82
Email: [email protected]

Martin works as Project Manager at Stockholm Academic Forum, for example with Study in Stockholm in social media. He also works with administrative support to the board. Martin was former chairman of SSCO (Stockholm Federation of Student Unions), and has been conductive in the student union at Stockholm University. Martin’s academic background is within Political Science at Stockholm University and Södertörn University.

A picture of Alistair

Alastair Clase Schenkel

Project Assistant
Phone: +46 8-674 77 40
Mobile: +46 72-144 11 95
Email: [email protected]

Alastair works as Project Assistant at Stockholm Academic Forum. He’s a student at Lund University where he studies a bachelor in PPE (Philosophy Politics Economics). During high school, he was active in the European Youth Parliament. He has personal experience from several countries and has lived in Stockholm, London, Copenhagen and Boston. During a period he also studied French at the Institut de Touraine in Tours.

A picture of Sophia

Sophia Wallin

Senior Strategist

On parental leave

Martin Tauman

Email: [email protected]