The Global Goals – It’s Our Future at Stake

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20 May 2022 | 12:00-15:30 CEST
Where: Campus Konradsberg, Aula Konradsberg, Konradsbergsgatan 7B/ 7A|Map

Welcome to an interdisciplinary event that will explore the Sustainable Development Goals from new angles!

Students from three high schools in Stockholm – Anna Whitlocks gymnasium, S:t Eriks gymnasium and Kungsholmens västra gymnasium – will moderate discussions with academic Explorers and ask them questions related to the Global Goals.

13 Explorers – scholars from different disciplines and academic backgrounds, representing several of the universities in Stockholm but also universities in other countries – are invited to discuss the Global Goals together with high school students.

In the spirit of Greta Thunberg, who repeatedly urges us all to ‘listen to the scientists’, this will be an opportunity for high school students to do precisely that – and ask their own questions about the future they will be living in, and how today’s researchers are working to find solutions to our common global challenges.

The event is divided into three sessions, with four to five Explorers in each session. The Explorers don’t know which of the Global Goals that will be discussed in their session and have not been able to prepare in advance.

Event outline:

12:00-13:00 Session I
Curated by students from Anna Whitlocks gymnasium

13:15-14:15 Session II
Curated by students from S:t Eriks gymnasium

14:30-15:30 Session III
Curated by students from Kungsholmens västra gymnasium