Sara Ilstedt

Product and Service Design


KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Sara Ilstedt is professor in product and service design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She has an MA in industrial design and a PhD in human-computer interaction. In her research she has focused on wellbeing, gender issues, sustainability and behavioural changes. Sara is head of design unit at ITM school KTH, where she develops research, curriculum, supervises PhD-students and teaches human-centred design, service design, sustainable consumption and creativity.

In 2012, she started Green Leap, a center for sustainable design, that aims to act as a catalyst for change by engaging design in sustainable development. Green Leap initiates projects joining academy and design business in multidisciplinary and transformative design research. Examples are “Life2052an interactive online game where you can experience a sustainable life in 2053. She has been mapping lifestyles and sustainability, the result is a creative workshop tool “Målgruppsarenan” , that can be downloaded for free at Green Leap website. In “CoKitchen”, she lead a project about  sustainable Coliving apartments for students. (Watch this 10 min presentation. Presently she is working with a follow-up called DelBo, focusing on policy labs for enabling Coliving apartments.

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