News 28/09/2021

The Sustainable Development Goals: An interdisciplinary exploration

Stockholm Explorative Talks at an on-stage event  on 23 September at KMH, the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, brought together academics from all 18 universities of Stockholm to explore the global challenges of our time.

The academics – dubbed The Explorers – represented a diverse range of disciplines such as applied aesthetics, political geography, finance, visual communications, peace operations, molecular neurodevelopment, and many more.

To make the discussion spontaneous and creative, the Explorers had been deliberately kept in the dark about the theme of the event and none of them had an inkling of what the proceedings would actually entail!

The event spanned over two sessions and touched upon the  17 Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs).

’It felt refreshing (to be unprepared) and at the same time a little scary not having the controls that one normally has when giving a presentation. But I think a lot of interesting ideas came forward which will probably take a bit of time to mature,’ said Stanley Greenstein, one of the Explorers.

Two curators steered an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas about the specific SDG, which was molded by the perspectives that the Explorers brought from their respective academic fields. ’We discussed the global goals, and the discussions pivoted constantly because of the different disciplines of the participants. This event has contributed to the goal of taking small steps towards starting conversations between researchers in different fields,’ said Gustav Borgefalk, one of the Curators.

The two sessions were accompanied with music by four students from KMH. The exploration was attended by a limited audience at the venue, while around 300 viewers worldwide joined the YouTube livestream.

One who joined at the venue was Moira von Wright, Vice Chancellor, Åbo Akademi University: ’Most of the challenges we have today call for interdisciplinary discussions and solutions. That’s why we have to meet across borders and traditions and values.’

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